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Apr 27, 2021

Jocelyn Brewer, Cyber Pshychologist and Teacher talks with Selena about ICT in our classrooms, how we need to stay curious, brave with it and what that means for us as teachers.

ICT shows up in standards 2.6 and 4.5 right?
There are only two focus areas in the Australian Professional Standards that ask you to write...

Apr 13, 2021

The Evidence Creation Process is Overwhelming, Hard Work and UNFAIR!
We all know that evidence and portfolios are now a fact of life for all Aussie Educators.  Right!?

We also know that putting together your portfolio of evidence can be hard. It’s time-consuming and it can feel overwhelming.

If it were easy to put...

Apr 6, 2021


Mentoring, it's all about helping another, less experienced educator, grow. Probably because you've been doing it longer, have more experience or just more confidence and they can learn from you.

That can be scary, can't it? One thing teachers find tricky is to celebrate their own...