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Jul 19, 2022

Whilst on your journey to Teacher Accreditation (at Prof, HA or lead), do you wish you had a supportive team to learn with?


Working through teacher accreditation can sometimes be a lonely thing.  Especially if you're at a site where the teaching standards are not a part of your every day.  There may even be people at your site telling you that it's all a LOT of work and probably a waste of your time....


It can be even more difficult when you want to turn to your line manager or principal for help and they shrug their shoulders.  They aren't trained in the teaching standards.  They want to help you but they can't.  


Once, a beautiful teacher I was working with actually submitted stage one of highly accomplished after working with her colleagues.  They told her evidence was amazing.  She was a great teacher (and she really is!) so of course it would pass.  Sadly, these well meaning, beautiful colleagues were not trained in gathering evidence of impact and, despite the fact this educators WAS amazing at her job, she submitted her hard work and failed.


All of these scenarios are heartbreaking.


You need support and you can't find it. Or, you get the wrong advice and are left feeling really shocked and confused.


Teachers don't need to be stuck in this vacuum of doubt about reflective practice and teacher education.


"Thank you to you Selena too. I really appreciate you helping us on this journey because I don't think we'd be here without you and without Edufolios and The Evidence Engine. It has been really helpful in having that program. Just set us in the right direction where we feel confident and supported and now able to give that confidence to others. Thank you so much!" -Sarah Birell - Manly Vale PS


You know that at Edufolios, we are all about making sure accreditation can be a celebration of growth.  We work hard to support you to see the teaching standards (and the accreditation process) as a pathway to ongoing development.  Accreditation is NOT a final exam, it's a journey.   Yes! I know that's cheesy but it's sooo true!


When a teacher truly understands the difference they are making they are empowered to make an EVEN BIGGER impact.  They do this by tweaking what they're doing, not by doing MORE of anything.  In fact, often they get razor focused and do far LESS.


This week, I am absolutely privileged to bring you the story of one of the schools I LOVE working with.


We’ve run workshops together, they’ve got Edufolios as their evidence tool and have sent two staff along to the Evidence Engine to get trained up! Introducing the amazing Manly Vale Public School in NSW.


This is the story of a school that decided that they wanted to support each other, change the narrative around reflection and accreditation and celebrate each other along the way.


Tune in to hear from Sarah Birrell as she shares how her site has approached accreditation (at all levels). How, even through covid, they're keeping each other motivated, accountable and EXCITED about using the standards to celebrate and grow. 


Hear more about how:

  • Manly Vale have set up a working party of teachers all working together to achieve accreditation at different levels
  • The Evidence Engine has support Sharon and Sarah to lead the group and keep the self-doubt and overwhelm at bay
  • How empowered the team are in seeing the impact they are making in their classroom and how evidence engine and Edufolios has made that easier
  • How to celebrate ongoing development
  • The freedom of seeing the process of a journey with some submission along the way.
  • How celebrating impact can ignite and recharge teachers.

and more!