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Jul 5, 2022

Why do teachers find themselves feeling so overwhelmed, over worked, and tired?​


I recently read a news article about educators leaving the profession because they were … well... done. The overwhelm and stress of the way we manage productivity as a profession has gotten them to a space of burnout and disenchantment. They were on a mission to teach and now they're putting down their tools and walking away.


How does that happen? How do dedicated, passionate educators find themselves in a position where they just can't do it anymore? Where their productivity is depleting them not empowering them (or their students!)


The answer to that question has many faces, angles, and perspectives. It depends on culture, state requirements, and that teacher's view of their reality.


I get it though. Teaching is a BIG job with high stakes.  Of course, there are a number of things that can be done to make things better for us.  One of them might even be being a little clearer on our mission and making sure that we only focus on the things that bring us closer to that mission. Productivity is important but only when we are clear about what we're trying to achieve.


If you listened to last week's episode, then, chances are, you are now very clear about your mission.  Now, it's time to empower you to stay on mission and remove that overwhelm.


How can having a clear mission and 5 productivity hacks support you to feel great about your role as a teacher?​


This week, inspired once more by Mr. Miller, we're going to explore 5 productivity hacks that can support you to avoid the burnout and feel great about what you're doing.


We're going to learn:

  1. To define, repeat and focus on our mission (what ever it may be)
  2. Get that to do list out of your head and onto paper so we can evaluate and prioritise tasks.
  3. Protect time and label it as "mission" time.
  4. Know which time to protect to maximise your productivity
  5. Know what a primary or secondary task is and what to do with them as a teacher

You can even download our productivity hacks workbook to help you walk through this activity simply enter your name and email below and it will wing its way to you.  Let's see if we can reframe these tasks and get focused on our mission.  What is your productivity rise and your overwhelm drop.