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Jun 28, 2022

Teachers... these last few terms have left us feeling exhausted, worn out and overwhelmed

There have been so many strange things going on in the past few terms.  Colleagues and kids disappearing and reappearing for various reasons (mostly co-vid) have left us feeling like routine and plans have gone out of the window. Am I right?

When someone then mentions teacher registration or teacher accreditation at the same time a VERY LOUD voice might be shouting HECK NO! In your head. 

You've got enough to deal with right now!

Having spent a bit of time looking at the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the requirements, the place I have to share it all ... maybe you've even been to a PD session about it all...... you may have come to the conclusion that this isn't for you right now.

Infact, there may even be a voice telling you that the "paperwork" is annoying and will take you away from what you need to be doing right now.

Can you relate to that? I certainly can! That's exactly how I used to see things too. 

All teachers are on a Mission. Can you define yours?

Just like any great story, as one of the lead characters in the lives of your students, your colleagues, and your community, you COULD have a mission you're trying to achieve.

A clear focus in Term 3 that helps you to move away from the overwhelm AND gives you permission to evaluate opportunities and tasks as they arise and choose to say ".NO"

Just imagine that.

In this episode of The Reflective Teacher Podcast with Selena Woodward, we are exploring a technique shared by Donald Miller that could be used to help focus you, your students, your colleagues, and your site (it's a pretty awesome technique) in a way that keeps you all "on task" and creates a beautiful shield against overwhelm and wasted energy.

Tune in to hear

  • The importance of having a really clearly defined "why" or mission
  • A formula for creating a mission for yourself in Term 3
  • How you can say "no" and why that's ok... in fact, why that's really important
  • Ways to say "No" by reframing tasks to align with your mission.
  • The impact of staying "on mission"

Next week, we're going to take this mission and use it to start planning the tasks we do each day.  This will help us to stay focused, increase our impact and stay super cool and calm - even if the world continues to be nutso!

Make sure you share your Mission with us in the comments under the video for this episode or via our socials!

We can't wait to see, share and celebrate your plans! You rock!