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Dec 10, 2020

Reports are in. We're done with those for the year right?
If you’ve just finished your report writing for the year then congratulations!  What a mammoth task that was. I bet you spent hours putting those together.  PJs on, chocolate to hand typing away with the Australian Curriculum Descriptors as your ever faithful guide. 

How easy did you find the process?  
What steps did you have to take to put those reports together?
What if there was a way to make report writing a little less painful next time?
What if there was a way to see these reports you have written as a means to an artefact end? 

In this, the last episode in our series on assessment, I’m joined by special guest, Rachel Mac from Savvy Teachers is here to share her top tips and thoughts on the whole report writing process.  From the purpose of reports to what to do when you have to talk about something negative and how you should structure them, Rachel has you covered.

We talk about reporting as the end stage of a longer process of planning, marking, assessing and then… reporting.  All very standards five of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers!  Of course, we don’t stop there. With stories of practice from both us that touch on students and how they learn, policy and practice and much more, our conversation will show you how report writing can really dance all over those seven teacher standards!

Check the links at for access to more of Rachel’s amazing resources as well as the opportunity to connect with her and be involved in her excellent teacher mentor programs.